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Goin’ Mobile


When I’m drivin’ free, the world’s my home.. When I’m mobile
Mobile, mobile, mobile, yeah  
- Pete Townsend

According to Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments reached a record 700 million units in 2012 — up from 490 million in 2011.

Here are some key mobile stats for your consideration (some fascinating, some disturbing) :

  • By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. (Source: Cisco, 2013)
  • 75 percent of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom. (Source: Digiday, 2013)
  • 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. (Microsoft tag)
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour (Social Media Today)
  • Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons (SMS Marketing)
  • Time spent with mobile apps starting to challenge television: consumers are spending 127 minutes per day in mobile apps–up 35 percent from 94 minutes a day in the same time last year–and spend 168 minutes watching television per day. (Source: Flurry, 2012)
  • 57 percent of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Similarly, 40 percent of consumers will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience (Source: Compuware, 2012)

Many industry experts believe that the number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) will overtake the number using fixed-line connections in 2014.

Our world is  ”Goin’ Mobile” and a successful web presence needs to render well across the mobile environment. The best answer for most organizations is a Responsive Web Design that ensures optimized user experiences across all devices.

- Mark Wise
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Is it Time to Redesign?

logo-iwThere may be many reasons to redesign your organization’s website – here are 4 questions that I believe are universally relevant:

1. Does your website accurately reflect your brand? 
If the answer is no… It’s Time to Redesign to improve visual appeal and reinforce branding
2. Do your competitors rank higher in search results?
If the answer is yes… It’s Time to Redesign to include social media elements, feeds and blog to improve visitor engagement and raise your search ranking
3. Does your website navigation easily lead the visitor to concise, relevant and up to date information?
If the answer is no… It’s Time to Redesign to incorporate a content management system that allows content contributors to keep site information fresh
4. Is your site mobile friendly? 
If the answer is no… It’s Time to Redesign with a responsive design to make your website “tablet and smartphone friendly”


While website redesign can feel daunting, there are now refined tools that make the process easier. We’ll review the redesign process and tools in upcoming posts.

-Mark Wise
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Social Media Map: A Birds Eye View

A hearty hello after a bit of a hiatus.

Okay, it’s not really a map.  In this post  I’ve attempted to give a birds eye view of the social media landscape. You’ll find listed social media categories and corresponding tools.  We’ll explore these individually in upcoming posts.

Social Networking
A social network service focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, e.g., who share interests and/or activities.

  • Facebook — The 800 pound gorilla of Social networking with over 350 million users
  • LinkedIn —  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 70 million members and growing rapidly.
  • MySpace — It was once king, now in steady decline since 2009.

Social Content Publishing
Tools to help you share your content

RSS  Readers and Aggregators
RSS is an acronymn for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. Here is wonderfully simple video explanation of how it works: Video: RSS in Plain English

Social Bookmarking and Recommendation
Social bookmarking sites provide methods  for internet users to share, organize, search,  and recommend web resources.

  • Delicious — Delicious is a Social Bookmarking service, which means you can save all your bookmarks online & share them
  • FriendFeed — “FriendFeed enables you to discover and discuss the interesting stuff your friends find on the web.”
  • Yahoo Buzz — ”The best of the web chosen by you”
  • Digg — “Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web.”
  • Reddit — “Reddit is a source for what’s new and popular online.”
  • Yelp — “Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great – and not so great, in your area.”
  • Stumbleupon — “Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web”

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Buzz Marketing: Give Them Something to Talk About

Buzz marketing by its nature is word of mouth – from friends, family, co-workers or neighbors sharing their experiences with your product or services. This gives the message a high degree of credibility. But as Bonnie Riatt says “let’s give them something to talk about”.

You do this by having a great product and monitoring it through all its iterations to make sure it remains a great product. AND by pushing the right buzz button(s).

In his book BUZZMARKETING, Mark Hughs cites Six Buttons of Buzz that will give people the currency to start a conversation:
- The taboo (sex, lies, bathroom humor)
- The unusual
- The outrageous
- The remarkable
- The secrets (both kept and revealed)

Other ingredients that help the buzz are controversy, riding a hot media topic and a David vs Goliath scenario, as illustrated in the “United Breaks Guitarsstory & song.

- Mark Wise
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8,483,507 Reasons Social Media Matters

8,483,507 YouTube views and 300 interviews (including CNN, Good Morning America, and CBS’s “The view”) are testimonies to why companies should pay close attention to customer relations and social media.

While this video was a social media nightmare for United, the David vs Goliath narrative pushed the buzz marketing button and gave (pardon me) flight to Dave Carroll’s music career.

Here’s Dave Carroll’s Story from his website: On March 31, 2008 Sons of Maxwell began our week-long-tour of Nebraska by flying United Airlines from Halifax to Omaha, by way of Chicago.   On that first leg of the flight we were seated at the rear of the aircraft and upon landing and waiting to deplane in order to make our connection a woman sitting behind me, not aware that we were musicians cried out: “My god they’re throwing guitars out there.” Our bass player Mike looked out the window in time to see his bass being heaved without regard by the United baggage handlers. My $3500 710 Taylor had been thrown before his.   More

- Mark Wise
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Best Day to Email

Marketer’s Conventional Wisdom:

The best days/times for  B2B email messages are mid-week/mid-day with Tuesdays between 11-3 being the most popular choice.

For a B2C message, the best days have generally been Friday, Saturday and Sunday late afternoon-early evening.

The provisos being these time choices do not take into account the particulars of your target audience  and message. What if you have multiple audiences with different time zones? What type of message are you sending? If the missive is a newsletter or regular communication then being consistent in delivery matters more than which day/time you initially choose.

How to Buzz Wiser:

Look at your website stats and schedule your emails at times when your audience tends to visit your site. Your marketing missives will hit their mailbox while they are online.

Set-up tests by dividing your audience database of recipients that have opened mail into A/B lists and sending your message to A at different day than B. Only test one variable (either hour or day) at a time and compare results to see what works best. You can also test by asking a sample of clients and contacts which day they would prefer to receive the email – as well as what information they would like to receive.

A common mistake made in email marketing is sending out either TOO many emails or sending messages that have little or no relevance for the recipient.

In a McLuhan twist, (I’m showing my age) the message trumps the mechanics of the medium. If your subject line and message engage, educate or enlighten you are likely to have an effective call to action and a successful campaign.

Mark Wise
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Buzz Wise Welcome

How do you get your voice heard above the noise? How do you cut through the media clutter?

When I registered in 1995 there were 16,000 domains worldwide. According to VeriSign’s Domain Industry Brief there were 184 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains at the end of the second quarter 2009. But the number of domains does not reflect the monumental impact of the myriad of social media channels– blogs, tweets, wikis, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin pages… states that “Facebook currently has in excess of
350 million active users on global basis. Six months ago, this was 250m… meaning around a 40% increase of users in less than half a year.”

The growing social media landscape presents challenges as well as wonderful opportunities to be heard.

I hope you’ll  join us here to discuss and explore tools, tactics and strategies to buzz wiser.

Mark Wise
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