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Buzz Marketing: Give Them Something to Talk About

Buzz marketing by its nature is word of mouth – from friends, family, co-workers or neighbors sharing their experiences with your product or services. This gives the message a high degree of credibility. But as Bonnie Riatt says “let’s give them something to talk about”.

You do this by having a great product and monitoring it through all its iterations to make sure it remains a great product. AND by pushing the right buzz button(s).

In his book BUZZMARKETING, Mark Hughs cites Six Buttons of Buzz that will give people the currency to start a conversation:
- The taboo (sex, lies, bathroom humor)
- The unusual
- The outrageous
- The remarkable
- The secrets (both kept and revealed)

Other ingredients that help the buzz are controversy, riding a hot media topic and a David vs Goliath scenario, as illustrated in the “United Breaks Guitarsstory & song.

- Mark Wise
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Tue, May 11 2010 » Buzz Marketing