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Is it Time to Redesign?

logo-iwThere may be many reasons to redesign your organization’s website – here are 4 questions that I believe are universally relevant:

1. Does your website accurately reflect your brand? 
If the answer is no… It’s Time to Redesign to improve visual appeal and reinforce branding
2. Do your competitors rank higher in search results?
If the answer is yes… It’s Time to Redesign to include social media elements, feeds and blog to improve visitor engagement and raise your search ranking
3. Does your website navigation easily lead the visitor to concise, relevant and up to date information?
If the answer is no… It’s Time to Redesign to incorporate a content management system that allows content contributors to keep site information fresh
4. Is your site mobile friendly? 
If the answer is no… It’s Time to Redesign with a responsive design to make your website “tablet and smartphone friendly”


While website redesign can feel daunting, there are now refined tools that make the process easier. We’ll review the redesign process and tools in upcoming posts.

-Mark Wise
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Thu, May 30 2013 » Buzz Marketing, Design